Student Activities


EESS High School provides a varied and comprehensive program of extra-curricular activities for students who chose to participate. We would like to believe we have "something for everyone." We encourage all students to seek programs of interest and get involved. Any student who wishes to participate in school activities/athletics must meet academic eligibility requirements. Please contact the appropriate school activity office for further information.

Opportunities are available equally for boys and girls and include competitive activities such as: soccer, basketball, golf, gymnastics, swimming/diving, tennis, track, and volleyball.

Musical and Performing Arts

Students are offered a variety of activities to express themselves creatively, from band to plays and musicals, from opportunities to be a member of the choir to the opportunity to show their individual vocal style.

Vocal music emphasizes singing and a wide range of other activities (improvising and composing music, understanding music in relation to history, listening to and evaluating music) to introduce students to the wonderful world of music and note reading.

Band is offered through small group lessons. Students will have a choice of choosing the instruments that interest them such as guitar, bass, and piano. The band will have opportunities to show during the school events such Christmas Concert, Prom, End of Semester Party, Halloween, and so on. 


Field Trip


EESS organize this outdoor program  for students to move from activity to activity with their classmates also to gain firsthand knowledge away from the classroom, as to a museum, factory, geological area, or environment of certain plants and animals. We set up this trip for students to research and gather data firsthand, as to a geological, archaeological, anthropological, or other site. With a little advance planning, field day can be as special and as much fun as you choose to make it.


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