Summer & Fall 2014

Dear Parents,

Thank you for visiting us and for considering EESS for your child’s education.

Our Summer school and Fall 2014/ 2015 enrollment have just started and students are encouraged to enroll earlier, registration starts now.

(Summer school starts on 7th of July and ends on the 8th of August while Fall starts on 18th of August 2014).

Our admissions policy is one of openness and all applications are considered on their individual capability. Our main concern is whether our range of programs and services meet the needs of prospective students. We welcome applications from all students regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion.

Expatriate children of all nationalities are welcome to apply. EESS also admits academically qualified Cambodian students who meet the admission criteria for enrollment.

For appropriate leaning environment, we limit our class sizes. We therefore advise parents to apply early for admission. Please note that there may be waiting lists for entry into some grade levels as well as for admission into EESS English as An Additional Language Program.

EESS age admission policy states that children entering the elementary school must be age appropriate for their grade level by August 18th this year they are enrolling.

The learning support program at EESS provides assistance to identified students to help them to be successful within the regular classroom setting. If you wish to enroll your child at EESS, please contact our Admission Office regarding spaces and the process to apply. We are also happy to provide any additional information regarding the school and admission.

Your inquiry is important to us. The Admission Office is located at the EESS Campus. Our office hours are Monday to Saturday, 7:30am to 5:00pm. Please call us for an appointment and visit our website /page.php? mainid=103   for more inquiring and requirement. We appreciate advance requests thank you!




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