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Formally known as American Academy of Language and Art (AALA), ELT was founded by US entrepreneurs who strongly believed that education was a foundation in rebuilding the lives of Cambodian civilians. EESS is part of the ELT institution which offers many classes ranging from grades one to twelve. Students are given the opportunity to undertake studies in both Khmer and English which has been inspired by the learning and teaching standards of America.

 The Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport recognizes the school’s commitment to education and has granted the rights for EESS to issue diplomas after meeting the credit requirements. Due to students’ willingness and persistency in rebuilding their lives through education, the management team of ELT institution was able to introduce Cambodian International University in 2010. CamIU was established with the hope of providing students with Advanced Diploma, Intensive Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree and Master Degrees that are widely recognized by the Cambodian Government.

Over the years, ELT institution has made tremendous progress. In the beginning of 2010, there were 375 registered staff members and 5850 enrolled students. The prestigious reputation of ELT Group continues to grow and will do so through the strong leadership of its management team. With strong commitment and dedication in researching, ELT institution will strive to develop quality education and become a class leading institution in Cambodia. Most importantly, ELT promises to relentlessly help change the lives of many Cambodian students for the better.


EESS is a community of learners deeply committed to innovative learning, enabling students to foster the skills, values and attitudes needed in the pursuit of an enriched future. Our commitment to learning ranges from both inside and outside of the classroom, and at every stage of life.


  • Provide students with a broad range of learning experiences in order to prepare them for many different challenges which may lie ahead in life.
  • Provide staff members with personal and professional development experiences to ensure they can respond to the individual learning needs and styles of students.
  • Provide students with a fun, safe and secure learning environment, aiding their development.
  • Provide a sequential, quality learning program from Kindergarten to High School level, Meeting the needs of its diverse community.
  • Continually assess student performance to provide parents and staff the instructional information they need.
  • Provide a rigorous, challenging and enriched learning environment for all students, while providing differentiated programming and curriculum options for identified gifted and talented students.

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