Our commitment to each child as an individual provides a warm and stimulating environment where children feel free to explore the world around them. The EESS Preschool program provides a nurturing and child-centered curriculum that supports each child's learning style and developmental readiness. Our preschoolers become curious, motivated and competent learners. As they meet increasingly complex challenges and practice social skills, they make the transition between home and school.

The curriculum offers children activities and materials that stimulate imagination, build independence, and present ample opportunities for exploration and discovery. Through a wide range of activities we help children gain confidence as they become competent learners, adapt to group experiences, and learn to respect the feelings of others. We believe that children's play is an expression of intelligence and growth, and that young children learn best through hands-on, concrete experiences. In preschool, the curricular areas overlap and provide the foundation upon which the academic areas of literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies are established. In this way children are prepared for the more formal educational experiences of Lower School.

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