HIGH SCHOOL 10 -12 Mathematics

The overall goals of the Mathematics program in High School are to have students build confidence in their mathematical ability in terms of developing problem-solving skills, and learning concepts that they will need in other mathematic courses and subjects. On top of that students learn to communicate and reason mathematically as they gain an appreciation of the value of mathematics in their lives.

In particular, the curriculum in these grades expands students’ knowledge of numbers, computation, estimation, measurement, geometry, statistics, probability, patterns, functions, and the fundamental concepts of Algebra. High School mathematics curriculum is spiral in nature; topics are revisited each year in order to deepen and extend the understanding of concepts and their application. Lessons are also developed to promote cooperative learning so that these skills can also be utilized in various subjects. To maximize learning, the mathematics program offers extra-support for students through math lab. Opportunities for students to participate in national math contests can also accelerate grouping option at each grade level where motivated and able mathematics students are exposed to enriched mathematical opportunities.

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