HIGH SCHOOL 10 -12 Health / Life Skills

The rapid physical growth, the changing perceptions of self and others, the feelings of self-confidence and self-consciousness, independence, peer pressure, concerns with body image and changes in social relationships are areas of great importance to the early adolescent. High School program addresses these issues through health classes and advisory programs. The health classroom is designed to be a safe environment that allows students the opportunity to share it in the open. Students study a wide range of physical, social, and emotional issues which affect them both as adolescents and as members of society.

The class includes activities that educate and empower students on many levels. Students also learn accurate and current information about various topics. Units of study include growth, physical health, substance abuse, gender issues, the physiological and emotional aspects of human sexuality just to name a few. Students also continue to develop the social and emotional skills they may need to manage this information. A primary goal of this class is to arm students with stronger factual, emotional, and social processing skills, so that they will be more equipped to make the right decisions throughout their lives.


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