HIGH SCHOOL 10 -12 English Program

In the English program, students are exposed to a wide variety of literary genres, including novels, short stories, poetry, and plays. Literature discussions and close readings of selected passages take place at each grade level. Attention is paid to vocabulary development, literal and inferential comprehension, drawing of valid conclusions based on evidence, and the identification of literary devices.

Developing sound writing skills is a major goal of the English curriculum. The writing process, involving collaboration and feedback from both classmates and teachers occurs at all levels. As students’ ideas become increasingly complex, students are exposed to grammatical structures that facilitate their written expression. In addition to the organization and development of ideas on paper, attention is paid to the development of an appropriate and descriptive vocabulary, proper spelling, the use of literary devices, a variety of styles, and mechanics.

Vocabulary and literal reading skills are developed in the context of the books read in class. At each grade level different forms of composition, such as persuasive essays, autobiographical essays, personal experience narratives, analytical papers, thesis papers, and research papers are taught. Rounding out the English curriculum is the development of oral and research skills.

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