High School curriculum provides every student with a strong and broad foundation in the arts, humanities, sciences, and ethics.  Over the three years, students are continually encouraged to reach as far as their strength and talents will carry them.

Tenth grade students enjoy the support of a special program crafted for each class. In a coordinated approach, students take courses in English, history, and visual or performing arts together so that their teachers can converse and plan as they address their needs and encourage their growth. Attention is also paid to community building, developing strong communication skills, promoting a healthy lifestyle, good study habits, and effective time management.
Under the guidance of a faculty advisor and Upper School Coordinator, students work out a rigorous program that meets their needs, interests and abilities. Initial placement in math and foreign language varies according to the level of accomplishment which each student exhibits. Flexibility in course offerings permits those with particular ability in these areas to move forward at a pace that will greatly benefit them. The commitment of our faculty permits diverse elective offerings, with courses beyond the college entrance level in both the humanities and sciences.

EESS School offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program for students in 11th and 12th grades. This internationally recognized program allows students to explore specific subjects with breadth and depth in six major areas. The curriculum encourages critical thinking through the study of traditional college preparatory curriculums and at the same time offers an international perspective. In addition, IB students are required to actively participate in creative activities and community service as well as completing an individual research project (extended essay). On top of that, the completion of inquiry course allows students to delve into the nature of knowledge (Theory of Knowledge course).

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