MIDDLE SCHOOL GRADE 7-9 Humanities (Khmer & History)

The study of English and Cambodian history has been integrated as much as possible in Middle School. Teachers also use literature to enhance and extend their history curriculum. In the seventh grades, humanity is taught by the homeroom teacher as a unified subject. In the eighth and ninth grades, English and history are separate periods, but similar themes and approaches are studied.

The history program broadens student perspectives by providing a firm foundation in the basic themes of a diverse range of civilizations, cultures, and countries. Teachers approach the study of these cultures through the use of essential, open-ended questions that encourage students to link issues of importance in history and literature with their own lives. Such questions include, “What is civilization?” “What is culture?” and “What is the relationship between the individual, group, and society?”

Students are encouraged to formulate and express individual opinions. Courses emphasize those skills necessary to the study of history and other social sciences: gaining map- and geography proficiency, understanding time lines and dates, recognizing cause and effect relationships.

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