Adolescence is an exciting and demanding time of rapid growth. Students develop enthusiasm for learning and become more independent as they explore both their personal identities and their relationships with others and the world. To meet these diverse needs, EESS Middle School provides a structured educational program that addresses all aspects of a maturing student: the academic, spiritual, moral, physical, emotional, and creativeness. It does so through the context of Buddha principles which emphasize service, peaceful resolution of conflict, and the belief that there is “that of God” or “the light” in each human being. The overall goal of the division is to create an environment in which each student can truthfully say, “I count, I care, I can.”

In keeping with theses practices, Middle School provides a core faculty that is knowledgeable about diverse teaching strategies, development issues, techniques for challenging, mentoring, and coaching early adolescents. Small classes and a strong advisory system establish close relationships between students and faculty. A sense of partnership between parents and the school is also promoted in the process.

Activities and exploratory curriculum provide students with opportunities to gain new experiences, learn more about their interests, strengths, and assumed leadership roles. In most classes students are grouped heterogeneously so they can discover how to learn with and from those who have different strengths, skills, and perspectives. Lastly, Middle School has an integrated curriculum that links disciplines that bridges academics and real-life concerns.

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