The science program is based on children's’ natural curiosity about their world and their needs to explore, ask questions, and search for answers. Through a wide range of scientific experiences and opportunities children can develop their skill at using the scientific process:

    • Making careful observations
    • Hypothesizing
    • Developing appropriate tests and understanding variables
    • Recording observations and data
    • Drawing conclusions
    • Evaluating data

The Elementary School science specialist works in conjunction with classroom teachers to design and implement units of study in a newly constructed science lab. The primary goal of the curriculum is to help students to think scientifically. Topics covered at each level include seeds, magnets, metamorphosis, classification, simple machines, water cycle and electricity to ensure that students develop a solid core scientific knowledge. Science studies are sometimes integrated with Social Studies topics. Instructional materials include a rich array of appropriate reading material, films, software, visual aids, lab materials, and animals for life-cycle studies.

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