The mathematics curriculum follows the principles and standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The newly revised Investigations in Number, Data, and Space and standards-based math curriculum provide the structure and sequence at each grade level.

The contents in first to sixth grade include number and operations, geometry, measurement, and data analysis. The skills in problem solving, connections, communication, and representation are developed throughout their school years. Students gain a deeper understanding of math through the use of manipulative, exploration, and teacher-directed activities. Once conceptual understanding is achieved, students practice basic operations through individual and group problem-solving applications, computer exercises, paper and pencil tasks. With each new grade, students are able to quickly and successfully deal with more difficult work. Standard algorithms are also taught along with other methods of solving computational problems. Problem-solving includes sorting, classifying, drawing graphs, exploring geometric relationships, measuring, applying logical reasoning, making predictions, devising strategies, and collecting, organizing, and interpreting statistical information.

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