The Language Arts curriculum employs a variety of approaches to ensure that children acquire proficiency in reading, writing, and oral presentation as they develop a love of literature. Each student is encouraged to develop confidence as a reader and an author, capable of communicating and delivery ideas. Students are introduced to a wide variety of literary genres encompassing diverse cultures.

Recognizing that not all children learn in the same way, reading skills are taught through a variety of approaches that combine the building of sequential-skills accompanied by a whole-language program which includes:

    • the development of a sight vocabulary
    • the use of phonetic clues 
    • attention to contextual clues 
    • building fluency
    • independent reading in school and at home
    • the use of visual clues
    • reading for meaning
    • non-fiction reading strategies

Writing is closely connected to reading. If the focus in reading focused on genres like folktales or poetry, students may subsequently creatively write in that genre. In every classroom:

    • A writing process is emphasized in which students’ think of an idea, write a draft, revise it, edit their work, and finally publish it.
    • Skill work in writing is related to meaningful, real-life applications. 
    • Books authored by students are displayed in the classroom and are often a popular choice during independent reading times.
    • Lessons are designed to build writing process skills. Spelling and handwriting are taught within the context of the child’s own writing.
    • Handwriting, spelling and grammar are taught through a program of sequentially introduced skills.
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