At EESS, we are proud to openly share information with our students. The school wants all students to be updated with the latest school news. The notices board on level one near administration office is the first thing which students will come across upon entering the school. A quick glance at the notices will allow students to gather information on the latest activity, up coming events, school trips and a variety of other general information.

There is also a section which displays photos of past events and school trips. The recent photos of the school prom, trip to Siem Reap and the trip to the country side truly shows the enjoyable times which our senior students have had with their friends and teachers. We also proudly display the photos of our class monitors who have been assigned as a role model in their classes.

Our notices board has therefore been created for the convenience of all students. Not only will display general announcements but it also shows both visitors and students what the EESS has to offer.

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