This institution recognizes that there needs to be a balance in activities offered at the school. For our growing learners, there needs to be time for learning and playing. Our playground located on level one is a place where kids can enjoy being kids. During their breaks, young students can utilize the modern playground to play games or just have fun with their little friends.

The smile on the children’s faces truly reflect the joyous time which they had from just climbing, sliding and chasing one another on the play ground. Students can also utilize the playground when they are waiting to be picked up. The safety of the children is one of our top priorities. Regular playground inspections and replacements of old padded floors help make EESS playground a safe place for kids to play in.

To add to the pleasurable and exciting atmosphere, EESS regular incorporates new cartoons on the walls. The padded floor itself has been color coordinated to elicit a playful mood. We guarantee that our young students will enjoy their times in this fun, safe and exciting playground. After all, playing is a part of growing up.

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