Available to Preschoolers and students up to grade six, the relaxation room is a place where our students can recuperate after a long day in the classrooms. Equipped with the most comfortable mattresses around, students can relax and just let time pass by. Comfort is also enhanced through the selection of relaxing music. Coupled with the air conditioned environment, students can simply drift and dream away.

Our young learners also get pampered in this relaxation room. Preschoolers have the wonderful opportunity of bringing their personal baby sitter just to make them feel right at home. By making them feel more comfortable in this new unfamiliar environment, our new learners can adapt more easily to school life.

After the relaxation period, students will definitely feel revitalized, energized and they will be ready for what ever the day brings. Hence, the relaxation room is more than a place for students to rest; it’s also a place for our growing learners to reflect on what they have learnt during the day.

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