EESS library has been carefully designed and developed to aid students with learning. Our young learners are able to stretch their imagination by exploring numerous selections of fictional books. It encourages them to think creatively and see creatively. In that moment in time, our young students can be in their own little world, a world where dreams are limitless.

The library is also a place where our students can learn how to socialize. The valuable time in the library helps them to interact with other students and in turn develop much needed socialization skills.

Those who seek a deeper understanding of the world, EESS library can offer students the latest non fictional books and encyclopedias. Board games as well as other recreational activities are also offered to students after a long day in class. Therefore, students are able to work and play in the library at the same time. Not only will the library revitalize their minds but it will also enrich them with knowledge. 

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