Student Policy


Every student must follow the policy and principles of Khmer, fulfill the obligation duties and refrain from wrong doings. Every students must abide by the policy, rules and regulation of the kingdom of Cambodia.
1.  Every student should come to school on time. students participating in any extra  activities should be punctual to the activity as well.

2. Student absent from school due to illness or any  other valid reason must present a written reason for the absence from the Parents/  Guardians to the school when the student returns to school. It is the responsibility of the Parents/ Guardians to send the letter to school and the class teacher  should sign this letter as well.
3. All necessary materials should be brought to school according to the school timetable and any material requested by the school should be brought to school too. Other unnecessary materials are not allowed in the school and it is the responsibility of the parents/ Guardians to see that unnecessary things are not  brought to school.

4. Every student should attend school and other places representing the school by wearing the school uniform. This will not be followed in case where the school has arranged activities that do not require the normal uniform.

This policy will include every child from Pre-School to Grade 12. It will involve all adults within the school and the parents/carers of every child. Children need to make the most of their education in a safe and secure environment. In order for this to happen, all staff in school will work closely with parents to: Encourage a positive, calm and purposeful atmosphere where children can learn to the best of their abilities Create an atmosphere where all children feel valued and treat all others with respect Encourage children to take responsibility for their behavior Encourage pupils to sort out difficulties in peaceful ways Praise and reward children when they are doing well and trying hard Help and support children who are having problems This Code of Conduct is designed to ensure that all children can feel safe and know what is expected from them in school.

To treat others with respect and consideration To follow instructions from members of staff the first time To listen to others when it is their turn to talk To be polite when talking to members of staff and children To look after equipment and the school building To be a good friend to other children and never fight To be safe in school and never run in the building To be on time in the morning To ask for help if they need it, do their best and let others learn.

Important things for children to remember around the school.

In the Corridor

Always walk quietly, respect displays of work, always be safe and sensible, listen to the prefects

In the Lunch Room
Always walk or speak quietly, eat sandwiches first and sweet after, be careful to try not to drop food on the floor, be polite to all adults and to each other, put your hand up for attention, line up sensibly when you have finished eating.

In the Playground
Always play safely and never play-fight Share your games Be a friend to others who want to join in Always listen carefully to staff Line up quietly to go inside – do not run on the top playground

On rare occasions children engage in behavior that is severely unacceptable. This behavior is disruptive to learning and can be dangerous, hurtful, and a serious risk to the health and safety of the school community. Some severe behaviors are:

     1. Swearing loudly and repeatedly 
     2. Seriously damaging property 
     3. Threatening behavior 
     4. Racial/sexual harassment 
     5. Stealing property, refusing to return it 
     6. Serious fighting 
     7. Consistently disrespectful behavior

When a child engages in this type of behavior, the incident will be recorded and investigated. The parent will be contacted and asked to come to School. Serious misdemeanor to result in fast tracking through steps. The Headteacher will consult with the Chairperson of the School Board to decide on what further actions will be taken.

1. Children
a. Attend school regularly.
b. Arrive on time.
2. Parents / Carers
a. Ensure their child attends school regularly.
b. Ensure their child arrives on time for school.
c. Contact the school if their child is unable to attend for a valid reason and provide a note if necessary.
d. Support the school in its aim to raise the achievement of their child through full attendance at school.
3. The School
a. Ensures efficient and accurate registration of pupils.
b. Contact Parents / Carers if a child fails to attend without a satisfactory explanation.
c. Will promote positive attendance by taking account of pupils individual needs.

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